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Checking Account Fees

-Courtesy Pay fee of $30.00 per use
-NSF Fee: $30.00 per item
-Stop Payment: $30.00 per request
-Check Printing Fee: Prices may vary depending upon style
-Overdraft Honored by Transfer Fee: $10.00 per check
-Checking Account Service Fee: FREE - NONE
-Checking Account Paid Check Copy Fee: $1.00 per item
-Checking Account History Fee: $10.00 per printout
-Debit Card/PIN Abuse Replacement Fee: $5.00 per replacement
-Excessive Transfer Fee (exceed Reg. D Limit): $5.00 per item

Other Fees (Applicable to All Accounts)

-Deposited Item Return Fee on Personal Acct. (member account elsewhere): $30.00 per item
-Deposited Item Return Fee on Personal Acct. (not a member account): $5.00 per item
-Deposited Item Return Fee on Non-personal Acct.: $30.00 per item
-Wire Transfer Fee (outgoing): $20.00 per transfer
-Cashier Check Fee : $5.00 per check
-Stop Payment Fee (Credit Union Generated or Cashier's Check): $30.00 per check
-ACH Transaction Honored By Transfer Fee: $10.00 per item
-ACH Transaction Returned NSF Fee: $30.00 per item
-Check Made Payable to Third Party Fee: $2.00 per item
-Statement Copy Fee: $1.00 per statement
-Excess Transfer Fee: $5.00 per item
-Returned Quarterly Statement (due to bad address): $5.00 per statement
-Account Closure (within 180 of opening)(Reg. Savings/Checking): $15.00 per acct.
-Operated Assisted MasterCard Payments fee (Vantiv): $5.00 per payment
-Safe Deposit Box Rental Fees: Based on Size

These rates were last reviewed February, 2016. The rates and information shown on this web-site are as accurate as possible. Information is subject to change without notice. Please contact the credit union to verify rates and information. Thank you.